Making Digital Marketing Work for You

Effective marketing connects you to your customer, increases your brand awareness and results in final conversions (i.e., sales) that contribute to the financial success of your business. The same is true of digital marketing: to make digital marketing work for you, you have to have a clear strategy from the outset that directly connects to your overall business goals. Don’t think digital marketing—think marketing enabled by digital.1

As you invest in the digital space, always keep your customer and brand equity in mind as you differentiate your brand through quality content and experiences. That means ensuring a seamless customer experience across all channels and platforms (digital locations and sites), addressing pain points in real time and investing in a consistent and high-quality brand experience.

In this white paper we outline key digital marketing approaches including
SEO, SEM, social media, programmatic media, email and affiliate marketing, and discuss how to make them work for you.

Important Questions for the Outset
As you begin to plan your digital strategy, there are a number of key issues to consider that will ensure that your approach is ideally tailored to your brand. Remember at the outset that the consumer journey is no longer a straight path; gone are the days when a consumer would see an ad, travel to a location and a make a purchase. The path from awareness to conversion now has multiple overlapping steps with digital media offering interruptions and diversions at every stage.

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